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‘LUSH’ is a cyclical queering of time – a choreography performed by the animate bodies of gemma+molly and the inanimate bodies of a blender, fruit, fans and layered fabrics.

Informed by Audre Lorde’s text, Uses of the Erotic, ‘LUSH’ draws reference to Lorde’s understanding of the erotic as, “a resource within each of us…the power which comes from sharing deeply any pursuit with another person”. In an attempt to equalise the collaborative elements, each performing body indulges in Lorde’s words, allowing for an empowered shared awareness between the animate and inanimate.

Composed of an arrangement of performative metaphors and salient imagery, ‘LUSH’ works towards a queering of linear time, to exist within a space where time is cyclical – illustrating and indulging in the many cycles that occur within two femme bodies, their physical relationship, electrical object bodies, the ripening of fruit, an audience’s attention, and how these many cycles will inevitably fall in and out of sync repeatedly.

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