Cobie works across many fields in the Arts including contemporary dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, engaged by artists and institutions to capture and bring to life video imagery.

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video bio

Cobie specialises in high quality video production for the Arts with clients ranging from independent artists and organisations, to institutions within education and health.


She regularly collaborates with sound artists, dancers, theatre practitioners, poets, visual artists, and filmmakers in the creation of visual imagery for performance and installation. She can also assist with the video production of events, festivals and conferences.


With a diverse skillset and keen ability create a piece specific to each client’s needs, Cobie can help tell your story through the moving image in a creative and unique way. Other services she offers include individual and group tutorials on video handling techniques and composition, screen-based projects consultations/mentorship, as well as connections to a vast network of industry professionals to collaborate on any job.


Cobie is an interdisciplinary artist working across forms including dance, video, sound and installation.

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art bio

Cobie’s degree in Dance/Media at Rusden was key in triggering her inquiry into the integration of movement and image experienced through performance, installation and screen. Over time her research has also extended to sound and the various modes in which they all can be co/presented.


She’s especially interested in creating methodologies that utilise and mash up the creative languages at hand and exploring ways in which the fusion of forms can unearth possibilities that would otherwise lie dormant.  


Her work has been presented locally and abroad and has often stemmed from residencies at places such as Bundanon, Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, Dancehouse, Critical Path, Les Baines Connective (CHE) and Culuurcentrum Berchem (BEL).


Cobie’s practice often involves collaborations with artists from the visual arts, music, theatre, and dance, and generates work that can exist as intimate viewing encounters, through to large scale, participatory community events.